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Name:White Collar OT3
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Creative fanworks & enthusiasm inspired by the Neal/Peter/Elizabeth OT3 in White Collar.
This community is for fans to post (or post links to) their threesome-centric squee, enthusiasm, and creative fanworks inspired by the threesome of Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey on the White Collar television show.

Episode reactions, fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, fanmixes, and costuming posts are all welcome and encouraged here, as long as the threesome of Neal/Peter/Elizabeth is central to the enthusiasm or fanwork.

All ratings are welcome in this community, including content which should be viewed with discretion.

Please note that some content in the source media and in fanworks posted (or linked to) in this community may be uncomfortable and/or triggery for some.

We may in future host specific challenges and fests in this community.

This community's current administrators are [personal profile] elke_tanzer and [personal profile] xenacryst. Please direct questions or concerns about this community via private Dreamwidth messages to them.

Since this comm is so new, we're still getting tagging structures in place. Thanks for your patience.

1. No personal attacks or flaming, of other fans, of the actors, writers and producers of the show, or of the threesome which is the central inspiration for this community. If you don't like our favorite White Collar OT3, please go elsewhere; there are plenty of other places on the internet for you.
2. If your post contains material which should be viewed with discretion, you must use Dreamwidth's features to label it as such.
3. If you are posting something very long or image-intensive, use a cut. (Be courteous to those reading their DW Circle on small screens or via slow internet connections...)
4. If you are posting something mature or explicit, especially if it is image(s), use a cut. (Be courteous to those reading their DW Circle at work...)
5. When you post (or post links to) your creative fanworks, please use the following posting template. We have created this template based on that in use on Archive of Our Own and encourage community members to consider posting their fanworks there as well.

Fanwork Creator:
Fanwork Type: (fanfiction, fanvid, fanart, fanmix, etc)
Rating: (not rated, general audiences, teen and up audiences, mature, explicit)
Warnings: (choose not to warn, no warnings apply, graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rape/non con, underage)
Category: (F/F, F/M, Gen, M/M, Multi, Other) - Multi seems to be appropriate for threesomes!
Additional tags: (if this is an episode tag to a particular episode, please mention both season and episode number here)

A quick note about Categories: Multi may be used for threesomes and moresomes, but also may be used if there are both F/F and M/F pairings in the work. Other is intended to include pairings like "Neal Caffrey/hat" and "Neal Caffrey/tracker anklet".

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the community moderators via private Dreamwidth message.

Looking for more fanworks for this fandom?

See the Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey pairing tag on Archive of Our Own, and the White Collar fandom tag on Archive of Our Own.
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